SuperNest™ Hammock

$299.99 $139.99

About this item

  • Enjoy the swing: Lie down and rest with friends, children or lovers, and relax in complete comfort while swinging
  • Can be folded into a small bag, easy to carry, can be put in a backpack. It is an excellent substitute for tents, sleeping mats, floor mats, swings, cradles, etc.
  • Easily lock the carabiner on any ring to adjust height and comfort. No need to tie, will not damage the tree
  • It has excellent tear resistance and dirt resistance. Easy to clean and fast after drying
  • Great gift: A variety of colors are available. It is an ideal gift for friends, children, lovers, fathers, mothers, travelers, beach tourists, tent campers who like to travel and camp, and are used for relaxing backpacking and trekking. Or hang a hammock on the terrace to relax